Snort 3 brings many new features, improvements, and detection capabilities to the Snort engine, as well as updates to the Snort rule language syntax that improve the rule-writing process. This Snort 3 Rule Writing Guide elucidates all these new enhancements and contains detailed documentation for all the different rule options available in Snort 3, in a format that is easy to understand and use.

This manual is meant for new and experienced Snort rule-writers alike, and it is intended to supplement the documentation provided in the official Snort 3 repository, focusing primarily on the rule-writing process. Each rule option has its own page that describes its functionality, its specific syntax, as well as a few examples to show how the given option might be used in a Snort rule. Additionally, the manual also includes a few overview pages that cover the basic steps needed to help get Snort 3 up and running. We expect to expand on this section in the future.

As Snort 3 continues to evolve, this manual will too. We will provide timely updates to the manual whenever necessary, to keep the greater Snort community abreast of any recent changes.